Who is Erik Dylan? 

Well, to put it simply, he is a storyteller. Some of the biggest names in Nashville want him to write their song. We're Talking Luke Combs, Riley Green, Kip, Justin Moore, Brett Cobb and he even did a song for the rock group Hinder. The way he puts together a song sets him apart from the rest. 

The "Flatland Boy" grew up in rural Kansas in a "Mat Dot Town" where everyone in town are farmers. He said in a recent interview  “Where I come from, everyone’s got a farmer’s mentality,”... ‘if something’s broke, we fix it’ “If you drive down a road in my hometown, you’ll see something like a silo that’s been converted into a cabin. Farmers are really creative people.”  He wrote a track for one of his solo albums called "It ain't broke" basically using the phrase "we don't fix it if i ain't broke"  Growing up on farm you hear that all the time but who would've thought to write a song about it?  Dylan makes songwriting look easy. 

 Erik's songs represents the people of the Heartland. Life is different out here. We might move a little slower than NYC or LA but we would't trade it for anything! Most of us live in small towns and dream of moving away but never do. Maybe it's something in the water idk lol... His music connects with the Blue Collar Man.

One of the songs that hit me like a hammer is "Fishing Alone" a story of a relationship between a grandpa and grandson. Out here your grandpa teaches you everything you know. He teaches you how to drive, fish and just about every thing he knows about farming. My grandpa passed away a few years back but not a day goes by i don't think about him. I sure wish i could walk the bank of that river with him one more time...

 I put together a playlist on Spotify Playlist of the essential Erik Dylan tracks. You should give it a listen. It's worth your time. He has released three studio records and a few singles. The interesting thing, it's not really country but it is. Dylan's describes his music as "Flatland Punk".. You can definitely hear that rock influence. Rock Legend Stevie Earle collaborated with him on "Someday" which is like a rock anthem for folks wanting to leave their small town. One of the best qualities of a great songwriter is the lyrics have to paint a image in the mind of the listener. "Pink Flamingos" does exactly that. It kinda reminds you of a old song from the 60's with it's dark and moody rock vibe. Here's some of the brilliant lyrics.


“Becky was at work when he crossed that line / next door neighbor heard her baby crying /

Ain’t no doubt about what he done / so, she took a smoke break and bought her a gun /

Oooh, if anybody asks we’re pleading the fifth / Oooh, nobody’s gonna find that son of a bitch /

she said he left town / but everybody knows / he’s buried in the front yard pushing up pink flamingos”



  1. Baseball on the Moon (feat. Luke Combs)
  2. Ain't My Town 
  3. Flatland Boy
  4. It Ain't Broke
  5. Pink Flamingos (feat. Emily Earle) 
  6. Flatland Sunrise
  7. Fishing Alone
  8. Someday
  9. Omaha 
  10. Astronaut

See the playlist below to listen to all the tracks written by Erik


If you want to learn more about this artist here is a interview i found on YouTube from a few years back. 

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